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Police find secret grow-op with more than 1,000 plants hidden in industrial unit

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A cannabis grow-op with more than 1,000 plants has been discovered by police in England following a tip from the community, reports Birmingham Mail. The haul was uncovered in an industrial unit on Oakdale Trading Estate in Kingswinford. Is pitching weed out a vehicle window in front of police ever a good escape plan? Ontario police seize $1 million in cannabis from an illegal pot shop Should living in a former drug factory be a concern? Apparently not, as old grow-op site sells for $76K over asking price Officers found the grow spread across several rooms in a raid conducted earlier this week. They also recovered weapons from the scene, including an axe and a snapped off broom handle with nails sticking out of it. Working off Community Intelligence, Brierley Hill Team 3 Officers have located a large cannabis factory in Kingswinford this evening. 1000+ plants at different stages of growth found across multiple rooms within the premises, as well as dangerous weapons. #communitypolicing pic.twitter.com/F9eHkUg2UD— Brierley Hill Police (@BrierleyHillWMP) December 15, 2020 https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js Two men, aged 29 and 36, were found inside the unit. They remain in police custody as the investigation continues. In June, the same police force found a 200 plant grow-op inside another nearby property, this time equipped with a lethal booby trap. BHT1, supported by DY NTF, have located a large Cannabis Factory inside a property on Moor Street. Up to 200 plants found across several rooms, with a potentially lethal booby trap set up to cause serious harm. A machete was also found outside the location #ThisWorkMatters pic.twitter.com/TdfAoPy6kq— Brierley Hill Police (@BrierleyHillWMP) June 24, 2020 https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js Cannabis, unless used for medical purposes, remains illegal in the U.K. Police are asking anyone who might have information about the grow-op to come forward.

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Source : Police find secret grow-op with more than 1,000 plants hidden in industrial unit

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