Ball Bubble Hash Hashish Solvent Free

Truly, Madly, Deeply in Love with Hashish

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Ball Bubble Hash Hashish Solvent Free
A dollop of golden resin lands on the smoldering, yet quickly cooling, quartz banger. On impact, the glistening Purple Tangie hashish immediately begins to pulsate furiously; large, clear domes of orange and pine bliss form and pop in rapid succession. I hasten to inhale all of the tangy, swirling blue smoke and I am immediately awash in a pleasant and uplifting energy. There is nothing quite like the unique experience of dabbing bubble hash. When it comes to the enjoyment of concentrates, dabbing BHO and CO2 oil will get you high for sure, but the experience is very different from smoking hashish. For example, the taste of CO2 oil is sometimes rather bland. For this reason, many of solvent-free CO2 extraction companies invest a lot of effort in reintroducing the right amount of terpenes so that the concentrate is up to par. With BHO, there is often a chest-expanding sensation that takes many dabbers time to get used to. I find that, contrary to that chest-expanding feeling, dabbing hashish immediately opens a sparkly channel of positive feeling up through my nose, between my eyes and toward the top of my head. A calm hush descends upon the outside world as I become inwardly focused on the thick, rolling blue smoke tunneling down to my lungs and then easily bursting forth from my mouth. When I dab hashish, I feel like I temporarily relinquish control of my body — and I am fine with that. With each breath, waves of euphoria course through my veins and my skin feels like it is vibrating. Given my immense love for hashish, many are surprised to find out that this love affair began relatively recently. It was at the 2014 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup that I had my eyes opened to the world…

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