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Study: Patients believe cannabis may have negative impacts on their voices

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GettyImages 1213435403 e1608049748295
Patients who smoke cannabis and are receiving treatment for their voices report that they believe there have been both immediate and long-term negative effects on their voices. The preliminary findings of a survey of 42 adult patients at Philadelphia Ear, Nose and Throat Associates — whose services include preventive and professional voice care — found that 42 per cent of cannabis users believe marijuana “produced immediate changes to the voice,” according to PsyPost,  a psychology and neuroscience news website. A smaller portion, 29 per cent, believe weed had long-term effects, including hoarseness and vocal weakness. Study finds that using CBD alone has no negative impact on driving ability Scientists have found a way to reduce third-hand cannabis smoke compounds deposited on surfaces Consuming weed can offer immediate relief of depression symptoms Participants “reported symptoms that they attributed to marijuana use, including hoarseness, breathiness, and weakness,” notes the study abstract. Published in the Journal of Voice , the pilot involves patients who have consumed cannabis via smoking, vaping, eating and using CBD oil. With regard to tobacco, the study notes, 88 per cent of respondents had never used it, about 9.5 per cent were former users and approximately 2.4 per cent were current users. Three-quarters of the patients reported having tried some form of cannabis during their lifetimes, with about 21.4 per cent being at least monthly smokers and around 39.3 per cent being yearly smokers. “Marijuana use has been common among rock and popular singers for decades, but it also occurs among other professional voice users, including classical singers, teachers, politicians, clergy and many others,” study author Dr. Robert Sataloff, a professor and chairman of the Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at Drexel University, told PsyPost.  “Anecdotally, laryngologists have seen adverse effects from marijuana,” Dr. Sataloff added. Smoking appears…

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Source : Study: Patients believe cannabis may have negative impacts on their voices

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