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Everything you need to know about the Utillian 620

U620 WB 1024x576 1
As 2020 comes to a close and folks make the jump to vaping after smoking their way through the pandemic, the Utillian 620 by Utillian will certainly be a competitive option in the saturated and ever-growing dry herb vaporizer space.   Much like everything else in cannabis, COVID-19 has truly poured gas on the fire when it comes to dry herb vaporizers as people search for a product they’re comfortable using in their smoke-free homes and apartments.  For those looking for something extra personal, the Utillian 620 may be the answer — if they don’t mind keeping it clean, which isn’t tough. Below, learn everything you need to know about the Utillian 620, What is the Utillian 620? The Utillian 620 is a high end dry herb-only offering from the Canadian-based company. It’s considerably more compact than some of their larger options like the Utillian 722 which is compatible with both flowers and concentrates. One of the tradeoffs for the Utillian 620’s quality to size ratio is the size of the bowl: It’s fine for one person, but not for a crowd. With this latest and greatest generation, some of the features are original and more on the functional than gimmicky side. This includes a built-in stirring tool that doubles as a mechanism to pop out the entire heating element for cleaning, plus a magnetic sliding mouthpiece. How to setup the Utillian 620 Utillian Firing up you Utillian 620 for the first time is a breeze. Grab the micro USB wire out of the box and get it up to a full inaugural charge —you’ll be able to track the progress via the big blinking battery on the display.  While that’s charging, install the metal screen and the O ring seal into the vaporizer’s mouthpiece slide. Making sure the screen fits…

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