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Australian researchers suggest loosening cannabis research rules could remove the cap on possibilities

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Anti-drug laws are putting a damper on fully exploring marijuana’s potential with respect to its possible health-helping benefits and how cannabis genomics may contribute to meeting that goal. Researchers at Australia’s La Trobe University’s reviewed a raft of international studies of cannabis genomics and confirmed what many already believe. Despite the many decades that cannabis has been studied, anti-drug laws are creating hurdles to identifying what scientists expect are weed’s unique medicinal properties, Mathew Lewsey, an associate professor at the university and the study’s lead researcher, suggests in a university statement . Researchers discover two cannabis compounds ‘more potent than THC’ Pharmaceutical company claims to have developed a cannabis treatment for coronavirus symptoms Medicinal Genomics and Eiken Chemical partnership expected to drive higher yield, productivity That has left understanding of cannabis in the dust compared with some of its other plant brethren. “These rules have meant that while our understanding of the basic biology and properties of other crop species has advanced through the use of genomics, for example, our knowledge of cannabis has lagged,” says Lewsey. “There is ample anecdotal evidence and an increasing number of clinical trials about the benefits of cannabis, but there remain challenges around the production of high-quality plant-based therapeutic grade products and their provenance,” Tony Bacic, a professor at the university and the paper’s co-author. Published in New Phytologist , he points out there are “potentially many more untapped benefits of this fascinating plant” beyond the role it plays in relieving nausea, acting as an anti-inflammatory agent, alleviating pain and reducing seizures in children with some forms of drug-resistant epilepsy. Beyond those barriers, though, the authors also found that the illegal cultivation of cannabis has restricted the genetic potential of existing cultivars. Genomics-assisted breeding would increase the efficiency and precision of cannabis crop improvement,…

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Source : Australian researchers suggest loosening cannabis research rules could remove the cap on possibilities

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