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3 Questions Every Processor Should Ask Before Pursuing Solventless Extraction

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<![CDATA[Solventless extraction is capturing the attention of many cannabis processors who are looking to produce premium concentrates, but Ben Britton, co-founder  and CEO of solventless extraction technology manufacturer PurePressure, advises clients to consider several factors to maximize profitability and success.  1. How much space do you need?Solventless extraction often involves fresh frozen material that needs to be stored and handled properly throughout the extraction process. This means processors need to think about where to put this raw material, and Britton says he often sees clients with too much or too little square footage to address this concern.“Sometimes, people will get gung-ho and they’ll sign on to a facility contract, and then they’ll contact us and realize they don’t need 10,000 square feet—they might only need 1,500,” he says. “Or vice versa, they’re renting a closet-sized space and have 250 square feet, and [they] want to put out tens of thousands of grams a year, but their product output expectations are ambitious. So, it’s just really finding a balance for space and coming up with a true business plan.”Processors should consider what kind of products they want to produce before leasing or building out a facility, Britton says. “Let’s talk about what you want to make, and then we can figure out how to get you there.”2. Which products are popular in your market?It should be no surprise to cannabis business operators that they should evaluate the market before establishing a business plan, and the same is true when it comes to products—extractors should know which SKUs are popular and use that information to drive decisions about which products to produce.Photo courtesy of PurePressureSolventless edibles, vape cartridges and dabbing products are generally popular across all cannabis markets, Britton says, with edibles being one of the most profitable products to produce. “Edibles…

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