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Hälsa Botanicals: Harnessing Plant Power

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Halsa Botanicals CBD Beauty
Hälsa Botanicals is a luxury CBD skincare and tinctures company dedicated to harnessing the power of plants to promote natural wellness. While the company is based in California, Founder and CEO Catherine Bander was attracted to the word “hälsa,” which is Swedish for “health” when branding the company. She wanted to incorporate the Swedish philosophy of using natural, organic ingredients – like plant extracts – with an emphasis on hydration, so the name was fitting. Additionally, Hälsa Botanicals’ signature ingredient is Swedish twinflower oil, a member of the honeysuckle family known for its highly moisturizing effects.  Every single product by Hälsa Botanicals is custom formulated with a variety of plant extracts and individual ingredients that offer very specific nourishing properties. Organic ingredients are used wherever possible, and all products are vegan, non-GMO and cruelty-free. Backed with Integrity Catherine Bander founded Hälsa Botanicals out of a desire to provide consumers with high-quality CBD products, made with plant-based ingredients.  Prior to starting Hälsa, Bander was passionate about cannabis and invested in that space. After seeing how beneficial the cannabis plant can be for pain control, both internally and topically, Bander’s curiosity for hemp grew after the Hemp Bill passed in 2018.  “When I did the research on what CBD does for the skin, it was almost too good to be true,” said Bander who was very well connected with a lot of beauty manufacturers at that time.  She was frustrated with the number of poor products being sold on the market and started researching steps for creating her own CBD skincare line.  “What I wanted was a skincare line where the products would stand up for themselves without the CBD, and then we added CBD to the products,” she said.  Bander also touched on the far too common problem of brands giving consumers bad information about…

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