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Meet THC-free: The Latest Innovation from Dosist

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Transparency, quality, innovation and trust are four of the most important cornerstones of building brand loyalty. And in the realm of cannabis, this sentiment is paramount. Companies that provide education and innovation with their product portfolios are the brands that see repeat customers and hold on to coveted positions at the top of the game.  Dosist is one such company. Founded in 2016, the modern wellness company is globally recognized for their dose-controlled cannabis therapy, used to help people manage their health and happiness. According to Gunner Winston, CEO of dosist, the company’s fundamental premise is improving people’s lives. The team works hard to destigmatize the negative stereotypes around cannabis and cannabis consumers, breaking down decades of the ‘reefer madness’ reinforcement around cannabis prohibition. “Cannabis is such a wonderful plant that we owe it to the world to make it more understood and more trusted. That’s really important,” Winston said. Trust and Transparency  Dosist is a lifestyle performance brand, meaning “when you sleep better, you perform better the next day,” said Winston, explaining that when people are able to find time to relax, whether it’s at night or during the day, they can consequently perform better in their endeavors.  “People need to realize that controlled amounts of cannabis can be very helpful to your life,” he said. “Our goal is to really take cannabis, which is this gift from Mother Nature, and then make it accessible and more powerful to everybody.”  Dosist focuses on providing customers with education around the benefits of cannabis, rather than marketing its products.   “Cannabis can be an absolutely wonderful and powerful experience for so many different people. Dosist helps people know that it’s OK to step inside this category. Then, once you’re here, there are a variety of other products in the category.”  Product Innovation …

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