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Irish man in hot water after being found with $192,000 in cannabis and cash

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An Irish man in his late-20s has been arrested following a raid of his home Wednesday revealed €90,000 ($138,600) in illegal cannabis and €34,500 ($53,130) in cash. As part of an investigation led by the Divisional Drugs Unit in Galway, the state police, or Garda Síochána, searched the man’s home at about 7 p.m. on Dec. 8, according to EuroWeekly News. The man was arrested at the scene and initially detained under the provisions of the Criminal Justice (Drug Trafficking) Act 1996 , but has since been released from custody. Man claims more than a kilogram of cannabis was meant for a (very big) batch of homemade soup Irish boxer waves at police while smoking cannabis, avoids criminal record Irish woman who grew rotten weed gets suspended sentence Police report the file is now being prepared for the director of public prosecutions. According to its 2019 report, Garda Síochána seized more than €20 million ($30.8 million) in drugs that year. Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland have witnessed a number of big weed finds in recent months, including the discovery of 31 kg of cannabis having an estimated street value of €620,000 ($961,000) and the recovery of about £1 million (about C$1,722,366) worth of cannabis after a truck unintentionally dropped its load onto a highway. In Ireland, recreational cannabis is illegal, as per the Misuse of Drugs Act . Under the act, “any person found in possession of cannabis or a cannabis derivative is guilty of an offence,” according to The Greenfund .

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Source : Irish man in hot water after being found with 2,000 in cannabis and cash

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