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House approves cannabis research bill (Newsletter: December 10, 2020)

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Mexico lawmakers want another marijuana delay; Poll: Voters back congressional legalization bill; Majority support for legal cannabis in Wyoming Subscribe to receive Marijuana Moment’s newsletter in your inbox every weekday morning. It’s the best way to make sure you know which cannabis stories are shaping the day. (function() { window.mc4wp = window.mc4wp || { listeners: [], forms: { on: function(evt, cb) { window.mc4wp.listeners.push( { event : evt, callback: cb } ); } } } })(); Email address: Leave this field empty if you’re human: Your support makes Marijuana Moment possible… Rattling the tip jar Got a few dollars you can spare to help Marijuana Moment pay our writers, keep our website running and grow into the kind of robust news organization the fast-paced world of drug policy deserves? Join us for $25/month and be a part of our work: / TOP THINGS TO KNOW The House of Representatives passed a bill to expand marijuana research—including by forcing the Drug Enforcement Administration to register more growers and letting scientists study cannabis that consumers buy from state-legal dispensaries. It was approved on a voice vote. Mexico’s Chamber of Deputies is asking the nation’s Supreme Court for another delay in the deadline to enact marijuana legalization legislation. A new poll shows that 66% of U.S. voters—including a majority of Republicans—support the House’s passage of a federal marijuana legalization bill last week. Meanwhile, only five GOP lawmakers supported the legislation. A poll found that 54% of Wyoming residents support legalizing marijuana, and supermajorities back medical cannabis and decriminalization. Two of the state’s neighbors—Montana and South Dakota—voted to legalize last month. “As laws regarding the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana change around the U.S., especially in nearby states, it’s not surprising to see attitudes in Wyoming change as well.” / FEDERAL Former Obama White House…

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Source : House approves cannabis research bill (Newsletter: December 10, 2020)

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