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Feeling peckish? Smugglers include chicken wings with weed, other contraband in illicit care packages

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Maybe cannabis and cigars are not enough to see inmates through tedious, tasteless times in prison. Smuggler’s offerings tossed across the fencing of a Mississippi prison apparently tried to right this wrong by including delicious chicken wings. Despite being under the cloak of darkness, the two dozen-plus packages tossed over a remote section of South Mississippi Correctional Institution’s (SMCI) perimeter fence at about 1:30 a.m. were detected, thanks to technology, according to the Mississippi Department of Corrections (MDOC). “Some of the illegal goods were sewn into footballs, which easily cleared SMCI’s double 18-foot-high (5.5 metres) fences,” the MDOC points out. Florida corrections officer accused of smuggling weed and meth into jail Inmate smuggles letters, children’s drawings laced with synthetic weed into jail Collins Bay Institution intercepts another drone-dropped package on prison grounds But alerted by the sensing technology, “corrections officers scrambled to the area, confiscated all the contraband and were able to describe the smugglers’ vehicle,” the department notes. A search for the vehicle by state and local law enforcement is currently under way. Weed and tobacco continue to be staples on the smuggler’s menu, with police reporting 20 pounds (nine kilograms) of tobacco and rolling papers and four pounds (1.8 kg) of weed were found in the illicit shipments intercepted Monday morning at the prison. For those who opt not to roll, there were several packs of cigarettes and lighters, as well as 10 cans of snuff ; for those who feel the need to communicate, there were 38 cellphones, chargers and Blue Tooth earbuds. Beyond that, the packages contained an assortment of cigars, cold medications, one headscarf, one scale and seven pounds of barbequed chicken wings. (The MDOC does not specify the type of scale, although weighing weed or body weight, perhaps after eating all those chicken wings,…

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Source : Feeling peckish? Smugglers include chicken wings with weed, other contraband in illicit care packages

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