Federal TSA’s Instagram Rants About ‘Sticky-Icky-Icky’ Marijuana On National Brownie Day

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National Brownie Day was this week, and while you might’ve missed it, the U.S. Transportation Security Administration’s social media manager sure didn’t. “We hear it’s National Brownie Day so we’re here to toke about something really sticky-icky-icky (ooh wee),” the federal agency posted to its verified Instagram account on Tuesday. “Hopefully this doesn’t post near 4:20, because we’re about to doobie down.” Following that high-flying introduction is a public service announcement of sorts, warning travelers not to bring cannabis through airports. “Marijuana whether dank or schwag, it isn’t dope in your carry-on or checked bag,” the post says, establishing a rhyme scheme and then immediately disregarding it: “This includes cannabis products and CBD oil, which remain illegal under federal law, except for products that contain no more than 0.3% THC on a dry weight basis or that are @FDA approved.” Among the hashtags included in the post are “#NationalBrownieDay,” “USAtraveling,” “#leaveitathome,” “#chronnic” (misspelled) and “#maryj.” View this post on Instagram A post shared by Travel Tips & Dad Joke Hits (@tsa) While bad cannabis puns are standard fare in mainstream treatment of marijuana issues—especially among law enforcement accounts (what funny guys!)—this is also kind of TSA’s thing on the Insta, where the agency describes itself as “Travel Tips & Dad Joke Hits.” After a man on his honeymoon was allegedly found carrying a loaded handgun at Richmond International Airport in Virginia, for example, the agency posted a photo of a Smith & Wesson pistol and wrote, “Please remove your silencing earmuffs for this one; you need to hear this high-capacity information.” Good one, fellow kids. Back to marijuana. “Let’s be blunt…,” the agency wrote in Tuesday’s post, “do you know what happens when we discover your stash? We don’t yell jack-pot but are required to reefer your product to our…

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