Purple Punch Trimmed Leaves

Strain Review: Purple Punch Swings for the Fences

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Purple Punch Trimmed Leaves
Over the last year, the phenomenon of Purple Punch has taken the world of cannabis, filled with knockoff Girl Scout Cookies and OG Kush phenotypes, and turned it upside down. We got the chance to sit down with one of the strain’s breeders, known as “The Village,” who helped make purple great again. The now-legendary Larry OG x Grandaddy Purple cross was originally bred by Supernova Gardens, but the breeder behind The Village was the first cultivator to take the strain to the full-scale production levels that really brought it into the mainstream. “I kind of knew about Purple Punch before I got it, but I didn’t know too much about it. I hadn’t seen many examples,” he said. The Village first got his hands on a cut of Purple Punch through his friend known as “Budologist.” At the time, Budologist had already gifted him a variety of strains, including Pennywise and others he had acquired throughout the years, and the two were already working on an extraction project together. When Supernova traveled south to California in search of the state’s elite genetics in 2013, he gifted Budologist — and one other person — a cut of his Purple Punch. “Budologist stopped doing his indoor and told me, ‘Man, I want to give you the Purple Punch, but I got to make sure it’s OK with Supernova because he was adamant about not giving it out,’” The Village said, remembering his first chat about the possibility of getting his hands on the punch. Budologist pitched Supernova on the handoff, who in turn gave The Village his stamp of approval. With Supernova’s blessing, the cut was now in The Village’s hands. “I remember four weeks into flower I realized, ‘This does smell like blue Powerade,’” said The Village, speaking about the first…

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