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Who tossed a fridge full of weed onto a Texas highway right in front of a cop?

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An officer with the Ferris Police Department in Texas was speaking to a driver he had pulled over on Interstate-45 when he heard a big bang courtesy of a chiller chock full of cannabis being dumped on the other side of the highway. The sound of the fridge hitting the side of the interstate in southern Dallas County was enough to finish up with his traffic stop and then check out the discarded appliance, according to NBC DFW . Florida woman who drove her SUV in bike lane for a quarter mile fesses up: There’s a sack of weed in her pants Now that’s some garbage weed: Border guards seize 400 pounds of cannabis in a waste hauler Thick as thieves: Dimwitted robbers caught on police video walking on highway with stolen hemp Badly damaged, the battered fridge offered up a whole lot of green. Inside, he found boxes containing an estimated 15 pounds (6.8 kilograms) of marijuana. In an ever-so-neighbourly way, the Ferris police offered up some photographic evidence of the strange and noisy find, and extended a friendly invitation to the owners. “To whomever lost their valuables, please come claim it at the Ferris PD and we will be more than happy to assist you,” the Facebook post reads . The Dallas County Sheriff’s Office has since taken both the appliance and the cannabis into evidence. Its investigation is continuing. As expected, the find kicked off a flurry of responses to the police post. One commenter was complementary and apparently wanted to provide a tip for another possible investigation. “Nice. Just seen a washer or dryer under 20 and I45. Might want to sniff that out,” the post reads. Other respondents were far more critical, not of the police, but of the quality of the stash. “Looks like…

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