Morning Sunrise Hemp Field

Breeding for Cannabinoids: The CBG Seed

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Morning Sunrise Hemp Field
It’s early on a mid-March Friday morning at the Oregon CBD headquarters, outside Corvallis, Oregon. The company’s co-founder, Eric Crawford, is breaking up a piece of intimidatingly frosty cannabis as I watch with apprehension. “Don’t worry, it’s only hemp,” Crawford jokes as he packs the flower into the bowl of a glass pipe. “It has no measurable THC or CBD, but about 15 percent CBG and it really helps with staying focused.” Fridays are usually filled with non-stop meetings at the industrial hemp seed firm, especially as the cannabis growing season approaches. Clients travel from across the nation to sit down and pick the two brains behind the business: Eric Crawford and his co-founder and brother Seth Crawford. The brothers admit that with the barrage of questions visiting clients often lob their way, sometimes a little help with focus can go a long way. While their innovative early-finishing, CBD-rich strains have brought them success in the past, the duo has spent the last two years working to stabilize the nation’s first production-ready, CBG-dominant varietals in seed form. CBG, the non-intoxicating cannabis compound whose full name is cannabigerol, has been garnering attention for its promising effects in the treatment of a wide variety of medical conditions. Morning light on field trials of White Series CBG from Oregon CBD. According to multiple studies from researchers investigating its potential as a palliative, CBG works to fight inflammation, pain and nausea, and is showing potential in terms of slowing the proliferation of cancer cells. Research has shown it also significantly lowers the intraocular eye pressure caused by glaucoma. Strains high in CBG also could be beneficial for treating conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s disease and cancer. In cannabis plants, CBG is essentially the stem cell, or chemical precursor, of many other cannabinoids, and is present in virtually all cannabis…

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