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Gift guide: 8 low budget cannabis gifts for 2020

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Each year you come into these holiday gift guides hoping for something cheap — but considerate — to give your favorite stoners. You know your pockets are out-of-office for that new bong or dab rig they’ve been craving, but you could still foot the bill for something random, clever, and useful.  The good news is that there’s such a wide variety of cannabis products and accessories available these days, it’s really easy to find something budget-friendly that the average smoker doesn’t already own. For 2020, here are some gifts that all cost less than $100, and will delight any cannabis enthusiast that receives them. Raw Catcher RAW runs the game when it comes to rolling papers and random smoking accessories. Recently, they dropped a new product: the Raw Catcher — and it’s an excellent gag gift. RAW Catcher is a device that allows a completely hands-free session. As you smoke a joint, ash falls into the catcher, and it’ll enable anyone who’s writing, making art, playing video games, or anything else that occupies your hands, to do so while still getting stoney baloney. As goofy as it looks and feels, it’s a really funny gadget that’ll actually come in handy for people that like to smoke while creating but hate those little moments of breaking concentration to find the ashtray.  Raw can’t sell their own products directly to cannabis consumers, so unfortunately, you’ll probably have to buy from Amazon. They also have a list of other third party sellers on their website, if you want to avoid that. Price: $8 on Amazon Kush Candles Kush Candles If you smoke weed, every room in your house probably smells like it — that’s why you need to gift someone a Kush Candle. Kush Candles is from Loveland, California where they produce 100%…

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