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Eight celebs cashing in on cannabis

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Legally speaking, cannabis has slowly been making progress, shifting the cultural perspective enough that it seems like celebrities openly embracing the drug should (or could) be the norm. It isn’t. Despite the fact that cannabis is more mainstream than ever, understanding the plant continues to be a challenge, making endorsing a product a sticky situation for any celebrity concerned that his or her image could take a hit. By The Numbers: Celebrities Busted For Marijuana Each Year Since 2011 Jim Carrey tells Conan O’Brien about the time Rodney Dangerfield offered his dad some pot Are Seth Rogen’s Houseplant cannabis strains worth the price? Still, attaching their names to cannabis seems to have been a no-brainer for these eight celebrities. Chelsea Handler Coming off of the most recent tour for her second book, Chelsea Handler has talked opening about what she sees as the perks of therapy, meditation and weed, and how these three things have come together to help her cut down on her drinking and to stay more calm and present . “Now, you can microdose. Microdosing is taking minimal amounts so you’re not overdosing on that THC feeling. Everybody’s coming out with different versions to treat people. I take a gummy every night to sleep,” she told Health in February. This year, she partnered with cannabis brand Sweet Flower , curating its Evolution Kit. Handler included her favourite cannabis products, everything from pre-rolls to chocolate-covered blueberries and cannabis-infused social tonics. Gwyneth Paltrow Oscar-winning actress and Goop CEO Gwyneth Paltrow has also made investments in the cannabis industry, specifically products geared at those who want to explore beverages. “There’s a whole sober-curious movement that’s going on and the cannabis-curious movement that’s going on, this is kind of at the intersection of those things in a way,” Paltrow recently explained…

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