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7 strains that taste like berries

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When it comes to smoking weed, taste is the most important part of the experience. If your flower tastes like trash, or your dabs just taste like air, you won’t even care about how the effects hit. Luckily, many different cannabis strains produce many different flavors, so there’s always a right answer for you out there somewhere.  One of the many flavors that consumers enjoy is berry. There’s a variety of strains with terpenes that smell and taste like blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, and so on. As always, it’s important to remember that weed makes everyone feel differently. These suggestions are based on personal experience, in conjunction with the most commonly reported data. If you want to check out berry weed strains, here are a few usual suspects and their various highs. Blueberry Fresh out the gate, when you’re talking weed that tastes like berries, you’ve got to name the old school classic Blueberry first. It was bred by DJ Short, so sometimes you’ll see it labeled as DJ Short’s Blueberry. The flower usually has an earthy, sweet berry smell reminiscent of a walk through the local Farmer’s Market.  Most of the time, smoking Blueberry leaves people feelings stoned, sleepy, and couch-locked. It’s one of those strains that you smell and immediately know it’s about to send you to sleep. In addition to its well-known effects, DJ Short’s Blueberry is also one of the parent strains of the legendary Blue Dream. Find Blueberry strains Goji OG Goji berries taste sort of like sour cranberries and Goji OG is a cannabis strain that smells and tastes much the same. It was bred by crossing Snow Lotus and Nepal OG, the results are a sweet-tasting strain with potent effects, which are strong, but still manageable for the average consumer.  It tends to leave…

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