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Father and son caught with more than 735 cannabis plants

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1000px Cannabis handcuffs e1606747807102
A father and son team with no criminal history decided to start off big by cultivating and drying 736 marijuana plants in their home. Unfortunately for the U.S. duo, the police caught wind of the illegal operation and seized the entire lot during a raid by the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office in mid-August, according to The Daily Chronicle. Court documents indicate that deputies found 384 growing cannabis plants and another 348 drying plants. The story from the father was that his son takes care of him and primarily takes care of the plants. The father, for his part, helps out by watering the weed. Bong and right: Woman pitches a fit when weed store refuses to take back recently purchased bong To get around the rules, this gallery will ‘gift’ you marijuana — if you pay for a painting by a dog Washington state regulator removes online map of cannabis producers in wake of burglaries, break-ins Last week, Oscar Armando Paguaga, 70, and Raymond Dakota Paguaga, 34, appeared in Lewis County Superior Court, each facing a felony charge of manufacturing marijuana. The son reportedly told sheriff’s deputies that they once had a medical marijuana authorization, but it was out of date, The Daily Chronicle reports. Regardless of its validity, the grow-op far, far exceeded allowable limits in Washington state. Despite both medicinal and recreational cannabis being legal in the state, that doesn’t mean people can possess or grow as much as they want. In terms of possessing medical marijuana , adults aged 21 and older can purchase from legal retailers a combination of the following: one ounce (28 grams) of usable weed, 16 ounces (454 grams) of cannabis-infused product in solid form, 72 ounces (just over two kilograms) of marijuana-infused product in liquid form or seven grams of cannabis concentrate.…

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