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For people with migraine, study suggests cannabis may help

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GettyImages 1005439086 e1606401226119
A new study of 589 cannabis users suggests that those who also suffer migraines experience a high level of relief from weed. In light of more people using cannabis to self-medicate, including for migraines, researchers out of the University of Colorado, Boulder sought to explore patterns of marijuana use and its associated relief for migraineurs. To do so, they reviewed the self-reported experiences of 589 cannabis users who lived in U.S. states that had legalized recreational weed. Those 21 and older “completed an online survey assessing their cannabis use profiles, migraine experience and self-reported relief from cannabis and non-cannabis treatments.” Keep your head up: Study shows cannabis has huge potential in stopping migraine pain CBD sales are soaring, but evidence is still slim that the cannabis derivative makes a difference for anxiety or pain Eight in 10 migraine sufferers report cannabis helped beat back pain levels: study Globally, the study notes , migraines are the second leading cause of disability in individuals under the age of 50, and when left untreated, can have an impact on physical health, quality of life, interpersonal relationships, productivity and financial security. In the current study, severity was determined after weighting participant feedback about whether or not migraines had interfered in the past week with their general activity, mood, walking ability, work outside the home and housework, relations with other people, sleep and enjoyment of life. In all, 27.3 per cent of participants reported having experienced migraines, two-thirds of whom were not medical cardholders. More than three-quarters of those migraineurs, 76.4 per cent, endorsed using weed to treat their migraine symptoms. That was higher than the 69.9 per cent of migraine sufferers who also endorsed using non-cannabis products, such as over-the-counter pain medication, for treatment. “Migraineurs reported significantly more migraine relief from cannabis compared to…

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Source : For people with migraine, study suggests cannabis may help

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