dry skin on dogs 2

DIY CBD Salve to Soothe Winter Dry Noses and Paws

dry skin on dogs 2
Dog paws take a beating over the winter months. The ice, snow, salt, and sand can cause dry skin, irritation, and may even lead to infection. We wouldn’t choose to walk through the elements unprotected, and we shouldn’t expect our pups to either. This is why many dog owners are now applying moisturizing and protective salves to the noses and paws of their pooches in the colder season. With CBD’s known benefits for pets, combined with it’s documented topical advantages from pet owners, it only makes sense to source a CBD nose and paw balm for dry skin on dogs. Better yet, it’s cheaper and simple enough to make a soothing CBD salve at home. A Refresher on CBD’s Potential for Pets Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-intoxicating compound called a cannabinoid. It is sourced from cannabis (including hemp varieties). CBD is under intense study for its therapeutic potential among humans, but also in the veterinary sciences. While our understanding of CBD’s potential for canines and felines isn’t as far along as it is for humans, there is significant precedence of its use among pet owners. There are also a few recently published studies exploring CBD for common canine ailments. According to anecdotal reports, pet owners often give their dogs CBD oil for palliative care, loss of appetite, pain, inflammation, joint stiffness, anxiety, aggression, and more. Although, still, largely unproven in veterinary sciences, the stories are compelling. What’s Under Investigation? What does science say so far? Currently, research tells us CBD is as safe for dogs as it is humans. Scientists are investigating the following as potential medicinal applications for Cannabidiol (CBD): Epilepsy In 2019, the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association published a randomized, placebo-controlled study of CBD for intractable canine epilepsy. CBD produced favorable results, and the study…

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