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4 weed brands Andrew DeAngelo can't live without

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Cannabis activist and legal market pioneer, Andrew DeAngelo, has been fighting the good fight long before it was trendy to do so. In his thirty years spent working on the front lines of cannabis legalization, his diplomatic and equity-minded approach to policy reform has been instrumental in shaping the market we enjoy today.  Not only did he co-found Oakland dispensary Harborside with his brother Steve DeAngelo (where they helped develop childproof packaging and set standards of lab testing), DeAngelo worked to help to pass Props 215 and 64, which legalized cannabis in California, and also co-founded The Last Prisoners Project, a nonprofit that works to free cannabis offenders.  “I’m working to create better frameworks for regulation and taxation and access to consumers for legal adult-use cannabis in California,” DeAngelo told Weedmaps. “When Harborside opened, we were one of the first six retail licenses for cannabis anywhere in the world. We had a unique vision for cannabis retail at that time. And much of what we pioneered, whether it be lab testing or child-resistant packaging for edibles, senior outreach, any number of other things that we pioneered with respect to public policy and Oakland, have now sort of set the standard for the whole industry.”  Pioneers in the cannabis industry Prior to DeAngelo’s work building Harborside, the California legal market existed in a wild west state characterized by the pre-Prop 64 era. Lab testing had yet to be standardized, meaning products sold legally often had amounts of contaminants or pesticides that weren’t being caught because the labs themselves weren’t regulated. Packaging had yet to be homogenized. Inventory was a mess.  Through Harborside, DeAngelo and his brother worked to set systems in place for cannabis to operate like any other legitimate industry. “Lab testing is now part of pretty much every framework,…

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