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Wiz Khalifa and Michael Strahan wrapped up in cannabis legal troubles

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GettyImages 1205213616 e1585065482804
The partners behind cannabis company Khalifa Kush are embroiled in a legal dispute, reveals court documents obtained by The Blast . Wiz Khalifa and National Football League Hall of Famer Michael Strahan are facing a lawsuit from company co-founder Carlos Arias. Arias claims that he was shut out of Khalifa Kush business dealings, including a licensing deal reportedly valued at US$20 million. Arias, director and managing agent for Cuzzi Consulting, Inc., says his former partners engaged in a “civil conspiracy” by not including him in business deals and “pilfered more than US$100 million in assets from Nominal Defendants.” Supreme Cannabis, rapper Wiz Khalifa stub out pot partnership Let’s talk about celebrities and their weed brands. How do they get around Health Canada’s marketing rules? Should we listen to celebrities with cannabis brands? Additionally, Arias’ claims against the company include, among others, breach of fiduciary duty, unjust enrichment and professional negligence. Arias further argues that Khalifa and his entourage “conspired with the illicit assistance of outside counsel Pryor Cashman to misappropriate assets from the Nominal Defendants and funnel the proceeds to themselves and certain third-party beneficiaries, including, purportedly, defendants Michael Strahan and SMAC Entertainment.” Khalifa is described as “one of hip hop’s chief ambassadors for the leafy flower” in the lawsuit. In 2016, California-based medical dispensary Cookie Co. 415 began selling the signature strain “Khalifa Kush.” The lawsuit alleges that Khalifa made little to no money on his partnership with Cookie Co. 415, but the deal raised his standing in the cannabis community. Earlier this year, Canadian licensed cannabis producer, Supreme Cannabis Company, and Khalifa Kush Enterprises “mutually agreed” to end their exclusive consulting services agreement . Canada’s ban on celebrity endorsements allegedly played a role in the deal falling apart.

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Source : Wiz Khalifa and Michael Strahan wrapped up in cannabis legal troubles

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