CBD lab testing min 1

COA | CBD Certificate of analysis

CBD lab testing min 1
CBD Products have become mainstream over the last few years and with legalisation becoming more widespread in the UK and across Europe it’s important that consumers understand that what they’re buying is safe The importance of a Certificate of Analysis The most effective way to check this is through a Certificate of Analysis, more commonly known as a COA. Currently, CBD is, for the most part, a highly unregulated market and while legislation and the EU Novel Foods Act, which requires applications to be validated by March 2021, are actively working to improve this, it has led to issues across the UK CBD industry. What exactly is a Certificate of Analysis? A COA is a document containing a CBD Third-Party lab report, which in layman terms means, it is a document providing an unbiased verification that what a company says is in your product is actually in your product. A Certificate of Analysis or third-party lab report is carried out by labs that have no monetary interest in the CBD company they are testing for, meaning they will provide an honest breakdown of what is in your CBD product. RELATED ARTICLE: The Extract tested over 60 CBD products on the UK market CONTINUE READING There are many aspects that can affect the quality of a CBD product, for example, the extraction process used can affect the stability or create chemical residues. Hemp is also a bioaccumulator meaning it could have absorbed harmful chemicals or pesticides, which will show up on the CoA if present. Why should a CBD company have a third-party lab report? Transparency is important for your customers in a market that is relatively new and unregulated. If you want to survive, it’s best to do so from the start.  Unfortunately due to the lack of regulation in…

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