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7 functional and discreet products to get you through the holiday season
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Although cannabis has never been more widely accepted, it can still be a little awkward to openly toke in front of family — especially when visiting those still affected by decades of War on Drugs propaganda.  We get it, and though we encourage you to have open conversations and dialogue with your loved ones, we still want you to have a stress-free holiday season. Sometimes that means loading a bong with your grandma, other times it means going out for a walk and lighting up where no one can smell you. For the times when you need to be a little more cautious, here’s our list of functional and discreet products to help get you through the holidays — and the rest of 2020.  BuzzBoxx by Nekktar BuzzBoxx Odor-proof and water-resistant, BuzzBoxx offers the perfect home to half-smoked blunts and fresh joints. The lower magnetic compartment can hold up to one gram of loose flower and keeps those weedy smells at bay.  Price: $35 THC or CBD Liquid Vials by ALT ALT If you prefer to drink your cannabis, check out ALT’s Cannabis Liquid in small, discreet vials. Available in 5-10 milligrams THC or 50 milligrams CBD, they’re convenient for a microdose or full dose. And, unlike other edibles, you don’t have to wait long to feel the effects, each dose takes 5-15 minutes for initial onset, so you can get on with the holiday chaos without skipping a beat.  Price: Coming soon this holiday season *Only available in California Clear Head Cassettes 5-pack by Dad Grass Dad Grass Dad Grass’s organic hemp CBD pre-rolls are all wrapped up in old school cassette sleeve packaging for a discreet addition to your stash. They’re perfect for a smooth hit and loading up your old boombox with the real tapes that have…

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