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6 Tips to Securing a Career in the Cannabis Industry

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With medical marijuana laws established in over half of the 50 states, and several in the midst of implementing adult use, some experts argue cannabis is the fastest growing industry in the U.S. Certainly there will continue to be thousands of new cannabis-related jobs available, but who will snag them and how? Danielle Barber, a wellness consultant for 10 years at Harborside Health Center in Oakland, offers this advice to aspiring cannabis professionals: “The people who stand out the most are the ones who connect. Having a beautifully written resume and cover letter can certainly help get you the interview, but establishing a true connection with the interviewee and sharing your story can help get you the job,” she said. “Why do you want to enter the cannabis industry? If your answer is not a noble one, that usually gets you overlooked. Demonstrating an ability to be flexible and a desire to learn will help you keep the job once you get it.” And yes, it is an exciting career path, but it is not guaranteed to be the most fun and easy job you’ve ever had. It might actually be a challenging and exhausting job for a range of reasons: Getting paid in cash is not as glamorous as it sounds.Patients often expect staff to give detailed medical advice, but staff are rarely given sufficient training.Most jobs are retail sales, manual labor, or middle management with the added challenge of constantly shifting legality and pressure from all levels of government. Here are some other great tips for getting a career in cannabis: 1. Decide What You Want Are you open to working for recreational companies, or do you prefer to work for a medical facility? Do you want to be self-employed, or would you rather work for a company or non-profit? Do…

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