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Most CBD Infused Products are not Worth Your Money

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Do you need CBD infused into your hand sanitizer? What do CBD infused hand sanitizers, CBD socks, and CBD activewear all have in common? They are all made by brands banking on CBD, but not necessarily backed by science. If you haven’t noticed, CBD infusions are taking over the wellness market. With more and more consumer products incorporating CBD into their formulations, it’s becoming problematic for researchers, regulators, and advocates working towards this compound’s real therapeutic applications. With brands slapping the “CBD-infused” label on nail polishes, toothpicks, and other questionable items, it can delegitimize the real benefits currently under study. Buyers Beware: Push Back on the CBD Wellness Trend For some people working in the industry, the CBD craze has gotten out of control. So much so, they are starting to push back against the false claims and fake products. The tongue-in-cheek #hadenoughyet campaign came to be thanks to a proliferation of useless CBD products hitting the market. As CBD Global Extract, the company behind the campaign, explains, “Cannabinoids like CBD have incredible health benefits (when formulated properly), but the industry has reached a point where low quality (or outright fake) products have flooded the market.” Products like CBD shampoo, CBD socks, and CBD french fries inspired their team to put together a satirical cartoon series based on the industry’s magical claims about CBD. As the #hadenoughyet campaign highlights so well, consumers have come under the “CBD Pixie Dust” spell. If it has CBD, it must be good for you —right? As per the press release for the cartoon, “While thousands of [Pixie Dust Syndrome] products flood the market, it is vital that industry professionals and regulators identify a cure for this condition so innocent consumers are protected and able to benefit from the real “CBDs.” Essentially, CBD and other…

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