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Canadian Officials Respond To Psychedelics Decriminalization Petition, Saying No Legal Changes Needed

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Top officials in the Canadian government have issued a formal response to a petition calling for the nationwide decriminalization of psychedelics, emphasizing in their reply that while the drugs remain illegal for most Canadians there are ways for some people to gain exemptions to legally consume them. The substances must be studied further before sweeping reforms can be made, however, the government ministers said. Nearly 15,000 Canadians signed onto an official petition on the House of Commons’s website this summer calling on lawmakers to decriminalize entheogenic plants and fungi “when used for therapeutic practices, as adjuncts to medical care, for healing ceremonies or solitary spiritual growth and self-development.” The number of signatures greatly exceeded the threshold to trigger an official reply from the government, which was posted this week. In addition to decriminalization legislation, the petition also pushes the government to respect historical and cultural traditions around psychedelics. It urges officials to “immediately discontinue enforcement of statutes or regulations that prohibit or impose onerous restrictions on informed adult use, growing, or sharing of any plant or fungi, where an established record of traditional use exists.” By passing the 500-signature goal, the petition qualified to be read before Parliament, and the government was obliged to respond within 45 days. The proposal was presented to the House of Commons on Sept. 30. The government reply includes three statements, one each from the Ministers of Justice, Health, and Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness. While two of the statements acknowledge opportunities for individual exemptions under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA) for certain types of drug use, all three responses reiterate that the manufacture, possession and trafficking of psychedelics remain criminal acts. The briefest of the three statements came from the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, whose reply was signed by M.P.…

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Source : Canadian Officials Respond To Psychedelics Decriminalization Petition, Saying No Legal Changes Needed

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