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What’s Next for the Five States that Legalized Cannabis in the 2020 Election?


<![CDATA[As votes for the presidential race continued to be tallied, cannabis emerged as a clear winner in the 2020 election as five states—Arizona, Montana, Mississippi, New Jersey and South Dakota—passed legalization measures, leaving many to wonder what comes next for these new markets.In one historic night, the U.S. cannabis landscape shifted dramatically as Arizona, Montana and New Jersey passed adult-use legalization, Mississippi passed medical cannabis legalization and for the first time, one state—South Dakota—passed both medical and adult-use legalization at the same time.All five of the newly legalized states are significant in their own way and could each play a role in the future of continued reform efforts, according to industry stakeholders.New Jersey, for example, could be the tipping point for adult-use legalization in the tri-state area, as New York and Pennsylvania consider policy reform efforts heading into 2021, according to Steve Fox, counsel at Vicente Sederberg and managing partner of VSS Strategies, Vicente Sederberg’s policy and public affairs consulting affiliate.“I serve as an adviser to the Cannabis Trade Federation, and we actually just put out an alert where I described these ballot initiatives as domino initiatives, noting that they were likely to lead to other states following that,” Fox says. “I think the Northeast, with New York, Connecticut, Maryland [and] Pennsylvania, … have good prospects for moving forward as early as next year.”In addition, medical cannabis legalization in a conservative state like Mississippi is a good sign for the federal outlook, as cannabis becomes an issue that crosses party lines, according to Rachel Gillette, partner and chair of the Cannabis Law Practice at Greenspoon Marder.“I think it shows the trend pretty clearly, that despite all sorts of political persuasions, cannabis has very strong support for legalization overall, nationally,” she says. “I think that’s a good sign for national legalization,…

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