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Tipsforsaferuse 650x366 1
In spite of the well-known health warnings associated with smoking, it remains the preferred mode of consumption for most cannabis users. Alongside the desirable taste and immediate effects that it produces, smoking weed is also the easiest way to titrate the dose and get the precise high or pain relief you are after. Vaporising dried bud is the closest alternative to smoking and is considered a safer route of consumption. The vapours inhaled this way are able to deliver the desired cannabinoids and terpenes without the carbon-monoxide, tar and other toxins contained in regular cannabis smoke. However, vapes for dried herb are expensive and vaping is still quite niche in most parts of the world. Edibles, tinctures and oils are the obvious way to avoid the risks to our respiratory systems that smoking or vaping might incur, but  generally require more experience in terms of preparation and dosing. Unintentional over- or under-dosing is a common hazard! To help reduce the risks and maximise the benefits that the cannabis plant can provide, we have put together our top tips for safer use. Tips for smokers Reduce or cut out the use of tobacco as a mixing agent. Tobacco contains many cancer-causing toxins so it is safer to smoke cannabis on its own. Herbal smoking blends have similar tar and other toxin concentrations as tobacco and there is no evidence to suggest that their use is safer than tobacco, except that reducing nicotine content may reduce your cravings to smoke.Avoid holding smoke in your lungs for a prolonged time. There is considerable debate about whether or not inhaling for longer gets you more stoned or not, and not enough science to be entirely definitive either way. Two studies have shown that prolonged breath-holding increased THC absorption but failed to have any significant…

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