CBD Legal In The UK

French Court ruling on CBD flower may fully legalise CBD

CBD Legal In The UK
A ruling by the EU Court of Justice on CBD may have massive implications for the rest of the European market, including the UK. Kanavape were the recent winners of a successful legal appeal against the Criminal Court of Marseille. The original case contended that Kanavape’s CBD was not legal within France. However, a Court of Appeal overturned the decision after consulting with EU legislators. “The European Court ruled “CBD extracts from “industrial hemp” including flowers are permitted and can be moved within the free market under trade regulations. These products are outside the UN Single Convention on Narcotics *(point 74) if they are below the limits set for THC.” Kanavape legal issues Early this year in May, a case was brought against the CBD company Kanavape and their products. The issue was due to the fact that Kanavape’s CBD, grown in the Czech Republic, used the entirety of the plant. This is, however, against French law. Under French law, only the fibre and seeds of hemp may be used for commercial purposes. As such, when brought before the Criminal Court of Marseille, the defendants were issued with suspended sentences and ordered to pay €10,000 in fines. RELATED ARTICLE: Is CBD oil legal in the UK? The UK’s CBD law explained CONTINUE READING The defendants registered an appeal with the Court of Appeal, Aix-en-Provence. This judiciary body sought guidance from EU legislators and questioned whether French law complied with EU law. In a press release from the Court of Justice of the European Union it stated: “In today’s judgment, the Court finds that EU law, in particular the provisions on the free movement of goods, precludes national legislation such as that at issue.” In other words, these CBD products (containing flowers) were perfectly legal in France as a member EU…

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