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Smuggling ploy flushed out when police discover hospital toilet used to stash weed, meth and LSD

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GettyImages 513297992 e1605629076881
Pesky texts between a Kiwi woman and an inmate at the Hawke’s Bay prison recently revealed a plot to smuggle various drugs, including weed, into the prison hospital and leaving them close to where the sun don’t shine: the cistern of a toilet. The schemers were likely relying on the generally held thought that sticking one’s hand in a toilet is disgusting when they decided where to hide smuggled drugs and other contraband. But the police intercepted messages between the 36-year-old woman and an inmate related to arranging delivery of the packages and having another man collect them, according to Stuff . New Zealand cannabis legalization expected to fail Was New Zealand’s ‘no’ vote on cannabis legalization a result of misinformation? Spitting Image shows New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern celebrating her election win by smoking a fatty… as Mary Poppins It is alleged that on Sept. 1, the man drove to the hospital’s kidney dialysis unit, entered a washroom in the reception area and deposited six packages wrapped in insulation tape in the toilet cistern, Stuff reports. These contained 90 tabs of LSD, 52 grams of weed, 0.2 grams methamphetamine, two packs of tobacco, rolling papers, Mentos, chewing gum, lighters and two cellphone charging cables. The inmate who received regular dialysis treatment at the hospital, Laki Sulusi, was then meant to collect the packages and smuggle them into the prison. In district court this week, Lauren Moore pleaded guilty to supplying cannabis and conspiring to supply cannabis. Moore will be sentenced in February. The second man and Sulusi, who died in September, were also charged in connection with the scheme. Disturbingly, this is not the first time weed and toilets have converged. Just last month, border patrol officers in Texas found almost 6,000 kg of the skunky contraband in a shipment…

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Source : Smuggling ploy flushed out when police discover hospital toilet used to stash weed, meth and LSD

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