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Nervy jump from window not enough to evade arrest for growing weed

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A 24-year-old, U.K. man who failed to make good his escape by jumping out of a window after police discovered his illegal cannabis grow-op has been sentenced to six months in jail. The man jumped from the window of the terrace house, landing on the top of an unmarked, parked police vehicle and causing significant damage to the roof, according to a statement from the Cheshire Constabulary . Raid on Scottish home leads to discovery of $55,000 worth of cannabis plants £500,000 worth of weed plants found while cops were investigating a burglary ‘Clandestine’ cannabis pick-up ends with charges against two men Acting on a tip from the public about a strong weed smell, police arrived at 10:30 on Nov. 11. Henri Zeqo, of no fixed address, was the only person inside the house when police entered the property. Zeqo ran upstairs to a bedroom, jumped from the window and tried to flee the police on foot, but was caught and arrested a short time later. When police checked out the three bedrooms of the home, they discovered a total of 66 marijuana plants. The plants and growing equipment were seized. Appearing in court via video link Nov. 12, he was sentenced to six months in jail after pleading guilty to producing a Class B drug and causing criminal damage. Another U.K. man who recently attempted to evade arrest also came up short when he began firing weed plants off a balcony before the police could arrive at his front door. It is alleged he pitched out five dozen plants, although the plants could clearly be seen under the balcony. He was arrested and charged. Then there was the somewhat more successful attempt , depending on one’s view, of a man who pitched £2,500 worth of weed from his car…

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