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Cannabis is stronger than it’s ever been

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A new study has found that cannabis (the illegal kind) has grown in strength significantly since 1970. In fact, it is now around 25% stronger on average than it was in previous years. So, if you ever hear older people say “It wasn’t that strong in my day,” now you know they’re not lying. The study which was published in the journal Addiction utilised data obtained from around 80,000 cannabis street samples gathered from around the world. Samples were taken from the United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, Denmark, Italy and New Zealand. Cannabis Research The study was carried out by the Addiction and Mental Health Group (AIM) at the University of Bath. Their initial aim was to organise and review the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) concentrations in marijuana over time. They studied both herbal cannabis and cannabis resin to see what significant changes occurred. Their findings revealed that THC markedly increased over the last fifty years. In fact, THC concentrations rose by about 14% in herbal cannabis since 1975. In cannabis resin (also known as hash) it was approximately a 24% increase. THC is the cannabinoid that is largely responsible for feelings of intoxication. When people consume THC they report feeling ‘high’. RELATED ARTICLE: CBD vs THC – know the differences CONTINUE READING “Cannabis has continued to increase in strength over time, such that today it differs enormously from the type of drug used by people 50 years ago,” said Dr Tom Freeman, a lead author of the study. “During this time attitudes have also shifted. There is now a greater appreciation of its complex interplay with mental health and potential medicinal uses.” The danger of THC Cannabis is still illegal in many places and there can be harsh penalties for those caught in possession. Studies like these…

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