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What Is Joe Biden’s Record On Cannabis?

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With Joe Biden projected to have won the US presidential election, change is now afoot in the White House. The Democrats, who are generally favourable to marijuana reform, have regained executive control, although it must be said that the new Commander-in-Chief’s record on cannabis is pretty patchy. Heading into the election, Biden made a campaign promise to change federal marijuana laws, yet his proposals fall short of the kind of legalisation that most of his party’s senior figures support. Still, it’s been quite a journey for this once staunch prohibitionist to reach this point, and hopes are high that his position on cannabis will continue to evolve once he enters the Oval Office. Related Post Five More States Voted For Cannabis On US Election Night The 1980s – Not Good. The 80s were a terrible decade in many ways, with hairstyles and drug policy being among the main train wrecks of the era. As a senator, Biden opted for a somewhat questionable comb-over and an even more dubious stance on drugs. In an era defined by Ronald and Nancy Reagan’s ‘Just Say No’ campaign, Biden positioned himself as one of the toughest drug warriors in Washington. In his defence, this was a popular stance at the time, and it was the Republicans’ promise to crack down on drugs that delivered them the White House in several consecutive elections. Still, Biden went further than most, introducing draconian anti-narcotics acts in 1986 and 1989, while publicly voicing his support for the death penalty for major drug dealers. The 1990s – Still Pretty Terrible When the Democrats finally returned to the White House following Bill Clinton’s victory in 1992, party officials were keen to show that they could be as tough as the Republicans. This resulted in the passing of the notorious Crime…

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