Man found passed out with gun after gang initiation required him to drink liquor, smoke weed and fire a weapon

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An unconscious man discovered in a Bronx park confessed to New York police and first responders that he had passed out while attempting a gang initiation, according to NY Daily News. Paramedics initially believed that Christian Cruz had overdosed and gave him Narcan in a bid to revive him. They found the gun, a 9 mm Luger, wrapped in a plastic bag inside his jacket while searching for identification. What to expect when combining alcohol and cannabis What should you know about mixing CBD and alcohol? Police find huge grow-op with 1,845 cannabis plants on remote Australia property As part of the initiation, Cruz was told to drink liquor, smoke cannabis and fire a gun. It is unclear how far he got into the ritual before passing out. He now faces felony firearm charges after a previous conviction in 2005. “Cruz stated in sum and substance that … he had been engaging in a gang initiation, for which he was instructed to drink five shots, smoke marijuana and shoot a gun. Cruz stated that gang members provided him with (the firearm),” prosecutors wrote in a Manhattan Federal Court complaint. Mixing cannabis and booze can lead to dizzying, sedative effects. “For many drug combinations, when subjects consumed ethanol, they detected marijuana effects more quickly, reported more episodes of euphoria and had higher plasma THC levels than when they consumed placebo ethanol,” according to Harvard professor Scott Lukas, who found that alcohol enhances the body’s THC metabolism during a 1992 study. In other words, the effects of cannabis are generally more acute when mixed with alcohol, which can lead to unexpected and unpleasant side effects, such as nausea or passing out.

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Source : Man found passed out with gun after gang initiation required him to drink liquor, smoke weed and fire a weapon

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