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How Can Cannabis Help War Veterans?

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With both Armistice Day and Veterans Day falling on November 11, it’s an appropriate time to turn our attention to those who have served in the armed forces, many of whom have been left with debilitating physical and psychological wounds. Fortunately, cannabis is well known to help with chronic pain and is also widely reported to lessen the severity of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms, which is why an ever-increasing number of veterans are now turning to the plant for relief. Unfortunately, research into the effects of marijuana on PTSD and other associated psychological disorders is still a little fragmented, with several small-scale studies having been published but no proper clinical trials conducted. As evidence for the benefits of cannabis mounts, however, calls for more in-depth studies into the use of marijuana to treat PTSD are becoming louder by the day. Related Post United States House Votes To Allow Medical Cannabis For Veterans How Are Veterans Currently Using Cannabis? Due to the psychological scars of war, many veterans regularly attend psychiatric clinics for both counselling and medication. Sadly, many of the pills that are prescribed to these patients are ineffective, and can also produce some nasty side-effects. For this reason, numerous surveys of veterans attending such clinics have revealed a growing tendency to self-medicate with cannabis. For example, a study that was published in 2018 found that patients at a Veterans Health Administration (VHA) facility in the US are increasingly using marijuana to treat anxiety, stress, PTSD, pain, depression and insomnia[i]. Significantly, those reporting the greatest trouble sleeping were found to be the most likely to use cannabis. These findings are very much in line with those of a separate study involving 790 US veterans that was published two years earlier. The majority of respondents reported using marijuana to treat…

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