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Could Spain Regulate Cannabis In 2021?

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Following on from our recent blog post explaining the ambiguous legal status of Spain’s cannabis social clubs, Seedsman spoke to two leading activists about the current state of play in the campaign to achieve legal regulation for marijuana. With the incumbent government containing factions that have categorically positioned themselves in favour of creating a framework for doing so, the possibility of change has become a legitimate talking point in Spain. Paradoxically, though, the current administration is yet to make any amendments to the draconian laws imposed by the previous government, which continue to result in the criminalisation of cannabis social clubs. This coming January sees the current parliament enter its second year, and certain politicians have already stated their intention to force the cannabis issue to the top of the political agenda. Whether or not this can be achieved, however, will depend on the whims of prime minister Pedro Sanchez and his Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE). Related Post Spain’s Cannabis Social Clubs – Are They Really Legal? How Do Things Currently Stand? When people talk about the “Spanish model” of marijuana regulation, they are generally referring to the cannabis social club system, whereby users are able to access their weed via private members’ clubs. “This is a model that grew organically over a period of about 20 years despite not being legally regulated,” explains Òscar Parés, deputy director of the International Centre for Ethnobotanical Education, Research and Service (ICEERS), a Barcelona-based non-profit organisation dedicated to facilitating the integration of psychoactive plants into society. “Up until about 2015, anyone who went to court [for their involvement in a cannabis club] would either win or have their case thrown out, as they were able to prove that they weren’t trafficking because they weren’t making any profit and were part of a…

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