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Man fined $12k for illict backyard cannabis grow in ‘Daddy’s shed’

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In 2017, police responded to a call about two young boys allegedly being threatened with a long-barrelled weapon in Whitchurch, U.K. They didn’t recover a weapon at the scene, but they did find a “semi-sophisticated” cannabis grow inside a backyard building labelled, “Daddys shed,” reports the Shropshire Star. Access to medical cannabis remains a challenge in the U.K., argues mother of chronically ill child Fire in abandoned pub leads to the discovery of 2,000 cannabis plants Cannabis worth over $1 million flies off a truck onto the highway Last week, the case was finally closed when Robert Bransby, 34, was ordered to pay £6,789.30 (about $12,000) at a proceeds of crime hearing. The charge was based on the yield of two plants, the value of the growing equipment and the cash seized when he was arrested. Bransby was originally handed a suspended sentence in 2018 after police found 18 plants and growing equipment in the shed, as well as evidence of drug dealing in his phone records. He admitted to two charges of producing a class B drug and possession with intent to supply. Bransby has three months to pay the money. The judge said it was clear that Bransby, who uses medical cannabis to treat back problems, was not just self-medicating with his supply. “You had long-standing pain because of your back problems, but it is clear from your phone records that you became a local dealer,” Judge Peter Barrie said in court. Medical cannabis was legalized in the U.K. in November 2018. but advocates say it remains prohibitively expensive and inaccessible. A 2018 report from the Institute of Economic Affairs valued the illicit cannabis market in the U.K. at more than £2.5 billion, or about $4.3 billion.

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