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California Could Decriminalize Psychedelics Under New State And Local Proposals

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Just one week after voters in Oregon and Washington, D.C. passed ballot measures to scale back outright prohibitions on psychedelics by wide margins, a California lawmaker says he’ll introduce a bill to decriminalize the substances in his state. Activists in San Francisco, meanwhile, are separately pushing local officials to make laws against psychedelic plants and fungi the jurisdiction’s lowest law enforcement priority. Sen. Scott Wiener (D) said Tuesday that he plans to introduce the statewide decriminalization bill in Sacramento once the legislature returns in early January. Language of the proposal has yet to be released, but Wiener described the reform in a Twitter thread as an “important step toward a more rational, science-based, and public-health-focused approach to drugs.” 1/ When the Legislature reconvenes, I’ll introduce legislation to decriminalize psychedelic drugs. These drugs have been shown to have medicinal value treating depression, PTSD & other conditions. We need to stop criminalizing drug use & addiction. https://t.co/aWie5VF2iA — Senator Scott Wiener (@Scott_Wiener) November 10, 2020 Wiener, whose 11th Senate District includes San Francisco and portions of Mateo County, said he’s working on the state-level issue with Assemblymembers Sydney Kamlager (D) and Evan Low (D), who represent Los Angeles and Silicon Valley, respectively. Kamlager on Tuesday said she’s eager “to realize this rational, pragmatic decriminalization of psychedelic drugs,” punctuating a tweet with the hashtag #TreatmentNotPrisons. Looking forward to working with Senator @Scott_Wiener to realize this rational, pragmatic decriminalization of psychedelic drugs. #TreatmentNotPrison https://t.co/FHqM8hHQlY — Sydney Kamlager (@AsmKamlagerDove) November 10, 2020 Last week two jurisdictions, Oregon and Washington, D.C., voted to remove criminal penalties for simple drug possession. The D.C. measure applies only to entheogenic plants and fungi, while Oregon’s initiative decriminalizes possession of any drug and funds expanded treatment services. Neither measure allows for the commercial production or sale of drugs. Meanwhile, a…

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Source : California Could Decriminalize Psychedelics Under New State And Local Proposals

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