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Andrew Yang Is Optimistic About Marijuana Legalization With Biden As President

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Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang said on Wednesday that while President-elect Joe Biden has a “relatively middle-of-the-road” position on marijuana reform, he’s optimistic about the prospects of a federal policy change under the incoming administration. At a National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) business summit, Yang also discussed his own political future, legalization as a means to boost the economy amid the coronavirus pandemic, a cannabis strain that was named after him and the implications of state-level legalization victories on Election Day. “He was less aggressive than, say, I was, or some of the other candidates,” Yang said of Biden, who has refused to join the majority of U.S. voters in endorsing broad cannabis legalization. “But even Joe has been making signals about decriminalizing and not prosecuting various marijuana-related statutes and restrictions.” That signal did not come out of a recent policy page on racial equity put out by Biden’s transition team, however. It omitted cannabis reform proposals while including other criminal justice plans that were talked about during the campaign. Hear from 2020 presidential candidate and #CannaBizSummit keynote speaker Andrew Yang on Wednesday, November 11. He’ll talk about UBI, politics, and the future of work. CannaBizSummit is free for NCIA members and license holders. Join us! https://t.co/lRFV4ZZCW0 pic.twitter.com/suYKYbxMxG — National Cannabis Industry Association (@NCIAorg) November 7, 2020 But Yang is optimistic about the progress the marijuana legalization movement has been seeing. “I’m thrilled. I’m thrilled that progress is coming all the time,” he said. “I think every time we have an election, there are going to be more states that want to join the ever-growing, cool states club.” Yang was also asked by a Politico reporter who moderated the session about different routes for federal reform and which he thought would be best from a business perspective: legalizing marijuana…

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