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Rosario Dawson loves to support weed… and her man Cory Booker

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GettyImages 1176121507 e1604677892434
Senator Cory Booker’s re-election win to again represent New Jersey attracted a ringing endorsement from girlfriend, actor and activist Rosario Dawson… right in the middle of an interview. Booker, 51, the first African-American U.S. Senator from New Jersey, was doing his celebratory rounds on Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this week when Dawson couldn’t help but excitedly exclaim her support for both Booker and bud. “You advocated for recreational cannabis becoming legal in your state,” Kimmel says at about the 7:43 mark of the video clip, as a smile quickly spread across Booker’s face. “Will you celebrate that?” ‘Did you really accuse the former vice president?’: Cory Booker’s mom unhappy with his marijuana jab at Joe Biden Rosario Dawson passes on cannabis and alcohol to focus on being present in 2020 Great ‘green’ broom sweeps across the U.S., clearing the path to legalize weed in several states “I want you to know there’s somebody here,” says Booker as a smiling Dawson, 41, enters the frame. “I don’t know what she was more excited to do: Vote for me as a new New Jersey resident, or vote for marijuana. I don’t know what’s more popular,” says Booker. New Jersey voters have given…

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