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Professor suggests a little puff of weed will do you good… at least in ‘older brains’

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GettyImages 1164122244 e1604605669121
It seems that only a single puff of cannabis daily “is necessary to produce significant benefit” in older brains, suggests a member of the Ohio Governor’s Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee. Moderation looks to be the best approach for cannabis consumers as they get older, Gary Wenk, Ph.D., an emeritus professor of behavioural neuroscience, writes in an article published this week in Psychology Today . Whether cannabis choosing to partake turns out to be potentially positive or negative for health seems at least partly associated with age, Wenk suggests. Can the body’s endocannabinoids fight intestinal infections? This research suggests they can Ability to pass cannabis through blood-brain barrier holds promise for developing disease treatments Study: CBD may help block pain-signalling pathways He emphasizes that like any other drug, cannabis is not always beneficial or always harmful. “Early in life, the developing brain cannot tolerate manipulation of the cannabis receptors on its stem cells. If stem cells are exposed to cannabis, normal development of the brain is impaired and the consequences may last into adulthood,” Wenk contends. Compare that to later in life, when he maintains that weed “may stimulate stem cell activity and protect the brain from inflammation.” But a whole lot…

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Source : Professor suggests a little puff of weed will do you good… at least in ‘older brains’

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