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Medicoir Launches Biodegradable Plastic for Container Growing

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<![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE – Medicoir, the global producer of coir substrate for cannabis crops, has launched its biodegradable plastic containers. There are many options available to when it comes to substrate choice for cannabis plants, from the size of growing container and whether to re-pot later in the crop, to the shape of the container and of course which type of growing media to use. In recent years, many growers have started to move over to 100% coir substrates for their cannabis crops, which would generally be a mix of coir pith, short cut fibre and 3 mm to 5 mm particles. The nature of coir means that, during the production process, it can be sieved to remove all of the fine dust particles (<1 mm), therefore encouraging better root development and a free draining environment. And in a more practical sense, coir can be dried and compressed, offering big savings in transport, storage and handling.“The most popular product we produce for the medicinal cannabis industry are 10 L Open Top Containers,” says Kalum Balasuriya, managing director at Medicoir, “These blocks are compressed at our facilities and come ready packed in their own poly-pot, which can be unfolded before hydrating the…

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