How to Test the Moisture Content of Your Cannabis

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The moisture percentage of marijuana is an important figure to know, but the shift in that percentage when buds go from drying, to curing, to packaging for sale are — for the most part — mysterious and subjective. In my new book “Marijuana Harvest,” we provide various tests for determining moisture throughout the stages of post-harvest processing. None offers a truly objective measurement, but the community uses them all the time for want of a better system. When I asked bud processors about this gap, some had theories about what the proper cannabis moisture content should be, but few were even willing to venture a guess when it came to quantifying a particular sample. Processors also had theories on the proper humidity (and temperature) of the drying, curing and storage areas and use automatic climate control to control those factors. One way to measure the moisture percentage of a leaf or bud is to weigh a small amount and place it in an oven at 80 degrees until it’s crispy and dry. Then measure the difference between its pre and post-oven weight and divide that number by the original weight of the wet material — the resulting number is the percentage…

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