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Legalization Advocacy Group Demands Biden Appoint A Marijuana-Friendly Attorney General

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A leading marijuana reform organization is demanding that President-elect Joe Biden appoint an attorney general who will take a hands-off approach to state cannabis policies, grant relief to those convicted over low-level possession and recognize the failures of prohibition. In an email blast and call-to-action, NORML noted that the Trump administration installed two attorneys general who oppose legalization—including one, Jeff Sessions, who rescinded Obama-era guidance that generally discouraged federal prosecutors from intervening in state cannabis laws. The organization is asking followers to sign a letter to the incoming administration that outlines their recommendations for the next attorney general. About 4,300 people had signed on as of Friday afternoon. Join us as a citizen co-signer on our letter to President-elect Biden demanding the appointment of an Attorney General who will acknowledge the failures of marijuana criminalization and provide leadership toward ending its prohibition. Sign here: https://t.co/uHCyvMUJOg pic.twitter.com/Q8RodsJMCe — NORML (@NORML) November 12, 2020 Given that voters in five additional states approved ballot measures to legalize cannabis for medical or recreational purposes, NORML said “it is imperative that the incoming Biden-Harris Administration appoint an attorney general who will respect the will of voters and the laws of these states.” They also pointed out that the current attorney general, William Barr, reportedly used significant departmental resources by directing investigations into 10 marijuana mergers out of personal animus for the industry. “We cannot allow this sort of Reefer Madness to continue to flourish at the Department of Justice,” NORML Executive Director Erik Altieri said in an email. “We have never been closer to ending the cruel policy of prohibition, but we cannot stop pushing now.” If Biden were to appoint a top federal prosecutor who is committed to taking the modest, discretionary reform steps that the group is calling for, that would also signal…

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