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Emulsion 101: The science behind drinkable weed

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GettyImages 524153833 1a e1604512458695
The global cannabis industry has seen an explosion of new infused beverages , confections and topicals over the past few years. As cannabis is increasingly normalized, these trustworthy, accessible and mass-marketable products are bringing in diverse consumers and facilitating steady and promising growth for the industry as a whole. Ontario entrepreneur launches skincare company with unique ingredient; cannabis root Gwyneth Paltrow invests in LA-based cannabis beverage company The era of cannabis-infused beverages has dawned on Canada If infused products are gaining traction, it’s first and foremost because they actually work. That’s where emulsion technology comes in. Emulsion 101 Raw cannabinoids are extracted from the plant in the form of distillate or isolate, which are highly oil soluble (hydrophobic) but not water-soluble. Infusing these raw cannabinoids straight into a beverage, edible or topical (usually hydrophilic) often involves an intensive manufacturing process, but results in inconsistent product quality and user experience. Emulsification is the key processing step between raw cannabinoids and infused products that help avoid these inconsistent results. The emulsification process applies physical energy to break up the cannabinoid oil into tiny droplets and immediately stabilizes them with an ingredient called an emulsifier. The emulsifier is designed to lower the surface…

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