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Sugar Wax is the Top Cannabis Concentrate Choice


Sugar wax is a strong-smelling, nectar-flavored, terpene-rich extract with a medicinal kick. Sugar wax is a form of cannabis concentrate that boasts a rich and complex flavor profile. It comes in an extract, with a somewhat grainy texture. It is thick, viscous, and easily managed when compared to many other concentrates. Sugar wax obtains its sugary consistency via an agitation process in the production phase. This process—known scientifically as nucleation—occurs as a result of the high terpene content in sugar wax. During the nucleation phase, the high quantities of terpenes in the oil act as a recrystallization agent, causing terpenes and cannabinoids to separate. This leads to a concentrate that’s moist, with a sugary texture. When processed correctly, this form of cannabis concentrate boasts maximum terpene content and heightened flavors along with high quantities of THC. Why are Concentrates so Potent? Sugar wax is highly-potent and often contains THC levels ranging between sixty and ninety percent. Of particular interest to medicinal patients is the fact that sugar wax retains much of the source material’s terpene content. Basically, it’s the presence of these terpenes that helps potentiate the medicinal effects of the already high quantities of THC present. In general, cannabis…

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