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Nebraska governor has no interest in keeping up with the Joneses, suggesting that using weed can ‘create psychosis’

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Should Nebraska legalize cannabis? Not unless the citizenry wants more traffic fatalities, young people getting a hold of weed and more psychotics, suggests Governor Pete Ricketts. Ricketts was asked <a href="%7B%22provider_name%22:%22YouTube%22,%22provider_url%22:%22https:%5C/%5C/,%22object_url%22:%22https:%5C/%5C/,%22html%22:%22%22,%22type%22:%22oembed%22,%22channels%22:%5B%22desktop%22,%22tablet%22,%22phone%22%5D%7D”>during a press conference this week what bordering counties should be prepared for after citizens in neighbouring South Dakota voted to green-light both medical and adult-use cannabis weed, believed to be a first to do so on the same ballot. True to form, the governor’s response was anything but welcoming. The head of the “equality before the law” state pointed to worrisome issues like more traffic fatalities “caused by marijuana”, young people getting their hands on weed and providing “the opportunity to create psychosis in people and that could lead to a number of very bad outcomes as well,” the governor said (at about the 24:50 mark in video). “Those bad health effects happen when you legalize marijuana,” Ricketts said. Connecticut governor raises innovative argument: Could making weed legal reduce COVID-19 spread? Great ‘green’ broom sweeps across the U.S., clearing the path to legalize weed in several states Damaging President Trump’s good name? Re-election campaign calls for medical marijuana group in Mississippi to cease and desist Beyond that, the governor noted that he expected counties sharing a Nebraska and South Dakota border would witness the same thing as happened in counties bordering the legal state of Colorado: more people trying to illegally traffic cannabis across state lines. If more people are “being picked up and put in jail for that,” he said, “that is probably one of the increased costs that we will see here in Nebraska with regard to legalization of marijuana in those other states.” Ricketts’ views on weed have been clear. Most recently, he drew Twitter fire after arguing against putting medical marijuana on the ballot (it…

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Source : Nebraska governor has no interest in keeping up with the Joneses, suggesting that using weed can ‘create psychosis’

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