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Four More Ohio Cities Approve Marijuana Decriminalization Measures

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Four more Ohio cities have adopted local measures to decriminalize marijuana. While activists faced signature gathering challenges amid the coronavirus pandemic, the reform measures qualified in August and they passed across the board on Tuesday in Adena, Glouster, Jacksonville and Trimble. The approved municipal reforms reduce the penalty for low-level cannabis possession from a misdemeanor punishable by jail time and a fine to the “lowest penalty allowed by state law.” These cities join 18 other Ohio jurisdictions that have already enacted measures to lower penalties for misdemeanor cannabis possession in recent years. NORML Appalachia and the Sensible Movement Coalition worked together on this latest round of proposals. Initially, they aimed to add 14 more municipalities to the list of places voting on decriminalization in 2020, but social distancing restrictions amid the COVID-19 outbreak derailed that plan, allowing only the four to successfully qualify for ballot access. The group sued the state, asking that they be allowed to gather signatures electronically. But while a federal court sided with them in a May ruling, the decision was overturned by an appeals court the next month. The 18 jurisdictions where the activists have had past successes include major cities like Dayton, Toledo, Athens,…

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